Canada Bereavement RegistryWhat is the Canada Bereavement Registry?

The Canada Bereavement Registry is a free consumer service that helps put a stop to direct mail sent to people who have died, reducing the levels of distress caused to their relatives and friends. Everyone receives direct mail from organizations selling their products or services. Unless these organizations are informed that a customer or prospect on their database has died, they will continue to send mailings addressed to that person.

How does the Canada Bereavement Registry Work?

Companies that send direct mail are obliged, by law, to make sure the information held on their mailing database is accurate and up to date. They do this by checking their data against lists of people that have moved or stated they do not wish to receive unsolicited post. The Canada Bereavement Registry works in the same way. The details provided on registration forms are added to a secure data bank. Companies use this information to remove any matches found within their own database, thereby putting a stop to mailings to people who have died.

Simply register with the Canada Bereavement Registry online here.

Phone: 1-905-349-3254 or 1-877-565-5515