Important Facts To Know About Green Burials

By: George Darte
Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Funeral rites are sometimes planned per established customs, although there are always exceptions. Some people like to prearrange their funerals to ensure everything happens as they'd hoped, while others choose to be buried in environmentally friendly caskets. The expression 'green burials’ keeps popping up in various contexts. Our experience at George Darte Funeral Home has shown that most individuals do not understand its significance. Therefore, here is some information regarding the process.

What Is A Green Burial?

Slowly but surely, people have begun caring more about the environment and seeking methods to lessen their impact on the planet. People respond by adjusting their habits, such as switching to water- and energy-saving appliances and building supplies.

The funeral industry is not immune to this pattern. Conventional funerals can harm the environment by using wood, concrete, and formaldehyde. The following examples explain how green burials vary:

  • When conducting a green burial, no embalming liquids are utilized, and the body is not preserved in any other way.
  • A biodegradable casket is used to hold the corpse during a burial.
  • There is neither a cement vault nor a pit liner.
  • The deceased has no headstone to mark their burial. If a family selects one, they install a tree or integrate a natural stone element.
  • No harm is done to the environment due to how this place is managed.
  • Native vegetation and trees are typically planted at cemeteries that offer "green" burial options.
  • The plants are grown and maintained using only natural methods.
  • Drought-tolerant plants and effective watering techniques are used in landscaping.
  • The cemetery has LED lights that use less power.

As you can see, many unique aspects make a burial "green."

Why Have A Green Burial?

There is rising awareness of the need to lessen humanity's footprint on the planet. Reduce your effect and "carbon footprint" by opting for a "green funeral," in which you use green burial items and are laid to rest in a "green cemetery"/"natural burial ground."

For many, a "green" burial is a throwback to how things were done before the funeral industry became a multibillion-dollar business and funerals became a commodity. Green burials could be a simple approach to comply with religious law for those who observe religious traditions, such as Jewish and Muslim burial customs.


For details about green burials and our preplanning services, don't hesitate to contact George Darte Funeral Home.

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