Common Funeral Director Misconceptions

By: George Darte
Thursday, August 11, 2022

In many contexts, the concept of a funeral director also called an undertaker, is misunderstood. Our goal at George Darte Funeral Home is to clear up some funeral director misconceptions and misunderstandings about the funeral industry.

Four Funeral Director Misconceptions

1. Funeral Directors Are Only Concerned With Profit

Funerals can be costly, and funeral directors can make a living doing what they love, but other professions don't necessitate sympathy or understanding for the bereaved. Funeral directors might be required to work on holidays and weekends, leaving them physically and emotionally drained and worn out. There is no need to get into this business if you are only interested in making money.

2. Another Common Funeral Director Misconception: They Exude a "Creepy" Vibe

Although certain funeral directors may fit this stereotypical view, most are regular people who have become more optimistic due to their encounters with death.

3. They Spend All Their Days Examining Deceased Individuals

In many people's minds, funeral directors' responsibilities include more than just comforting the bereaved; they also arrange services, make phone calls, and prepare paperwork like a typical office worker. Because of this, they only have a limited amount of time with the deceased.

4. They Are Constantly Suffering From Depression

Another common misconception is that funeral directors, who deal with death daily, must maintain a certain emotional detachment from their work and abstain from being overly affected by it. While grieving the loss of a loved one can be a depressing experience, this is untrue. Funeral directors should learn to distinguish between the two despite their empathy to lessen the suffering of losing a loved one.


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