4 Types Of Cremation- Understanding The Differences

By: George Darte
Wednesday, September 29, 2021

After a person’s death, there are many different disposition methods and you can choose to either cremate or bury the body. Burial is the traditional form of disposition while cremation is now becoming more prevalent in many cultures.

There are certain distinct reasons for it. Cremation is a simple and clean process where no embalming is needed. It’s cost-effective, as you don’t need a casket, a burial spot, and related maintenance costs, etc.

Types Of Cremations 

We at George Darte Funeral Home get questions about cremation from clients that are pre-planning their funeral and most aren’t aware that there are four types of cremation. Here is some information about them.

  • Cremation With A Traditional Service - This form of cremation is pricier than other types because it includes regular cremation and funeral services like casket rental and embalming. The funeral service is conducted and the cremation takes place after that.
  • Cremation With A Memorial Service - The decedent’s remains are not displayed at the venue. The memorial service is held to honour the deceased person’s memory and there is no casket or body.
  • Cremation Without A Ceremony (Direct Cremation) - In this cremation, there is no embalming of the body, a visitation, or viewing. The cremation is conducted after the person’s demise and it becomes a cost-effective disposition method.
  • Cremation With The Body Being Donated To Science - Some people want to donate their mortal remains to science, and specific organizations manage this. The organization will include a no-cost cremation as part of the service. Since they use the decedent’s organs/tissues for various tests/experiments the body is not fit for burial and needs to be cremated.

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