A History

The Grief Recovery® Institute is an internationally recognized authority in the area of death education and people’s reaction to loss. The institute provides programs for many types of organizations and establishments including Universities, hospitals and to funeral service professionals, just to name a few.

John W. James is the founder of the institute and Russell Friedman is the Executive Director of the institute. Together they founded the Grief Recovery® Educational Society; a non-profit, charitable, public benefit organization. John and Russell are the authors of the Nationally Acclaimed Best Seller, The Grief Recovery Handbook, The Action Program for Moving Beyond Loss.

The Grief Recovery® Institute has pioneered and established more than 3200 Grief Recovery® Outreach Programs throughout North America. Together, John and Russell have appeared on numerous radio and television programs, have written many articles for major publications, and speak at conferences and conventions worldwide.

As a result of the ever growing need for information about “People’s Reaction to Loss and What to do About it”, the Grief Recovery® Institute has developed a web site where individuals and groups may go to the answers they are looking for at www.grief.net