The Program

We have all heard the expression that grief just takes time. This is only true if the time is properly spent. That is the purpose of our Outreach Program.

The support group uses an open discussion format concerning different topics related to recovery after loss. This format was designed and written by the founders of the Grief Recovery® Institute and Education Foundation (G.R.I.E.F).

The support group offers a safe haven where one can work through all the feelings of grief. No one will judge you. Instead, you will find yourself surrounded by people who know the pain of being isolated by their own grief, who are willing to listen and help.

The Grief Recovery® Outreach Program creates the correct action choices that help people move beyond the pain caused by loss. As a group, we will look at old beliefs about dealing with loss, the myths about grief and will take a look at what new actions to take that will help you move beyond the pain of the loss.

Every session of the Outreach Program consists of approximately twelve meetings. Our sessions are held in the Spring and in the Fall.

There is no cost or charge to participate in the program; however, it is suggested that participants obtain a copy of The Grief Recovery Handbook to use as a study guide.

This support group is open to anyone who would like to join.